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Ramp It Up

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Change someone’s world!


We're spreading awareness to raise more money for building residential ramps for people with disabilities. We have been building ramps for 30 years with community partners to allow people to come and go safely from their homes.   Each year we take in more applications from our community than we can fulfill due to a lack of funding.  By working together we can raise funds to build more ramps and change more lives for the better.  

No matter how big or small the donation, every dollar raised goes directly to assisting a person with a disability in need.  Every dollar matters.  You can contribute on your own, create a team and share this meaningful campaign with your network of friends and family. 

Join us in our effort to make our community independent and accessible to all. 

The Power of Your Donations

  • *Every $3,000 we raise equals enough materials for one ramp.

  • Approximately only 1 in 100 homes are wheelchair accessible.

  • Ramps provide the safe opportunity to return to the community, friends, stores, and activities that a mobility disability can take away.

  • Materials for us to build a 28’ ramp are currently about $3,000.*


*Based upon our most recent materials pricing and ramp lengths.

Sign Up


Use your phone’s camera with the QR Code below. Go to your camera and hold the camera at the black and white square below (QR Code) like you want to take a picture. A link will pop on your screen showing a website link.

QR Code to take you directly to the donation page.

Tap the link and it will take you to the “Ramp It Up” campaign landing page where you can learn:

  • Information

  • Become a fundraiser

  • Donate

  • Share with people you know

  • Feel free to look at all the information. 

  • Once you are ready to create your own fundraising page or join a team follow the next steps.

Create your Fundraising Page

  1. Click on Become a Fundraiser and choose your fundraising style from the available choice.

    • As an Individual - Sign up to get started right away and fundraise on your own for the cause you love!

    • Join a Team - If your friends, school, business, or other group has already created a team, join them to make an even greater impact!

    • Create a Team - If you plan on recruiting your friends and family to set up fundraising pages in addition to yourself, make sure to create a team so you can work together!

  2. Set your fundraising goal - there is a pre-populated goal set, but you can change that goal to whatever is right for you. Keep in mind that you can always edit your goal once you get started. Here are some ideas of how your fundraising goal will impact our mission.

    • $3,000 - Covers all the materials typically needed to build an entire 30’ ramp!

    • $2,000 - Help cover the cost for half of an average ramp build.

    • $1,000 - Help cover the costs for 10’ of ramp materials.

    • $500 - Help cover the costs for 5’ of ramp materials.

    • $ - Create your own goal.   Any and All donations go straight toward ramp materials.

  3. Choose a fundraising end date.  We will be building ramps throughout the year – Choose whatever fits your schedule.  The more money raised, the more we are able to help people.  Funding is the hardest part- each year there are always people on the waiting list to get ramps but we run out of funding.  

  4. Add your headline - share a short blurb about why you are fundraising for our organization. Here are some ideas to get you started:

    • Ramp up the community

    • YOU get a ramp, YOU get a ramp, and YOU get a ramp!!

    • Access Matters

    • Create your own

  5. Set an option short URL - so you can easily share it with your friends and family!

    • Example:

  6. Upload a photo - Make your page more personalized and recognizable for your friends and family! You can always come back and change it if you’d like.

To learn more about editing and personalizing your page, access Classy’s support article here:

You can Customize your Fundraising Story

We’ve already provided you with a general page and statement, BUT people love giving to people they know!

To make your page more custom to you, you have the options of adding personal touches to your fundraising page.  Adding information like why you are fundraising, your connection to our organization, or personal photos and stories helps your friends and family connect more with the mission. Your personal supporters will feel more compelled to give because they understand your personal relationship and what our organization means to you. So don’t be shy to make edits to your page and share updates as your progress grows!

Pro Tip - Don’t forget to be the first to donate to show how dedicated you are to Ramp It Up!  You’re bubbling up your own progress bar and removing any fear of donors being the first to “join the party”!

Key Messages


Here are a few key messages that can help you get started. They’re also great to share with your friends and family if they ever ask you what our organization does in the community!

  • disAbility Connections works to advance the independence, productivity and full inclusion of children and adults with disabilities into our communities.

  • Have been assisting with building residential ramps for over 30 years.

  • disAbility Connections provides Durable Medical Equipment for short term rentals or purchase to assist people with their accessibility and independence at home and in the community.


Spread the Word – Email & Social Media


You’re on your way to fundraising success - now it’s time to spread the word and reach your goal!

We suggest starting by creating a list of people you plan to reach out to.

  1. Start with 10 from your closest inner circle- They’re the most likely to make the first few donations, as they are more accountable to your personal outreach. It’s always nice to get some quick wins in the beginning too!

  2. Cast a wider net - Don’t be afraid to push yourself and expand your list - some people in your wider network may have a personal connection to our mission, and it could spark some great conversations on top of a donation towards your goal!

Email Examples


Email is one of the easiest and most effective ways to fundraise! This should be the first place you start in your outreach strategy.

Pro Tip - Keep it clear, direct, and urgent! Don’t be shy about adding some visual and personal elements to keep your messaging more engaging!

Example 1


Subject - [Help Me Raise Funds for Residential Ramps]


Dear [Name],


I’m raising money for disAbility Connections and it would mean so much to me if you could help contribute towards my goal!


Please Click Here [Add Your Unique Fundraising Page] to give.

Here are some quick facts about the cause I’m supporting:

[Since 1992, disAbility Connections has been working with local Rotary Clubs to provide wooden ramps to qualifying people with disabilities.]


Thanks so much for your support!


Example 2


Subject - [Join the other Supporters of Residential Ramps]


Hey [Name],

I’m fundraising for disAbility Connections, an organization that [Why you support our organization]. The money raised will go towards ramp materials.

I’m trying to raise [$ FUNDRAISING GOAL] by [JUNE 6TH]. If I can get 5 people to each give me [$ FUNDRAISING GOAL/S] or more, I’m there. It’s important for me to help advance the independence, productivity and full inclusion of children and adults with disabilities into our communities of Jackson, Hillsdale and Lenawee Counties. I hope you’ll support me and disAbility Connections by making a gift to my fundraising page below.

Thanks so much for your support!



Examples of Social Media Posts


In addition to emails, you can use social media to expand your communication outreach. You can reach people who fall outside of your inner circle. Take advantage of the built-in social sharing options through the arrow on the top right of your personal fundraising page!

Simply click on the arrow at the top and a drop-down menu will appear with 3 ways to share your fundraising campaign. Click on the method you want to share and a post will appear that you can edit.  It comes pre-loaded with a message you can customize asking people to check out your page.  From there you can send your page to your timeline or send it directly to friends, family, and groups.

Pro Tip - All social channels are good social channels. Your network on Facebook will be vastly different from your network on LinkedIn, so don’t be shy about sharing on all social media platforms by copying and pasting your personal link!

To share on social media, the site will have a small window pop up and will ask you to login to your account. If you don’t want to do that, you can still share it on social media if you copy and paste your link, just follow these steps:

Once on your custom page, highlight the entire web address on the top of your browser it will start with “……”

  1.  Once the entire address is highlighted - Right-click and select “copy” from the list that appears.

  2.  Go to your social media of choice and go to make a post as you normally would.

  3.  Right-click again and select Paste with same formatting.  It may just show icons under paste options.  Select the 1st icon in the line.  It will look like a clipboard with a paint brush.

  4.  Use one of the following examples for something to say or come up with your own.

Facebook Examples


  • Ramp It Up is in less than X days away! My goal is to raise $X for disAbility Connections but I need YOUR help to get here. Make a long-lasting contribution here:

  • TODAY IS THE DAY! I need your help in supporting disAbility Connections so they can continue to help [THOSE SERVED BY ORGANIZATION]. I am fundraising for RAMP IT UP because [IMPACT ORGANIZATION HAS HAD ON YOU]. Please consider making a contribution to my fundraising page. Your gift will make a huge impact on [THOSE SERVED BY ORGANIZATION]!

Twitter Examples


  • Use your own personal photos to show your support and tell your story, and make sure to use #hashtags in your post! #dCRampItUp

  • Insert the link to your fundraising page in your bio, that way your supporters will be able to navigate to your fundraising page right from Instagram!

Example of Thank You

Real-Time Thank You’s: During the campaign and the day after - Make sure to thank every one of your donors - it wouldn’t have been possible without them! You can send a personalized email, acknowledge them directly on your fundraising page by leaving a comment, or even give them a shout out @mention on social media!

Subject - [Add Powerful Subject Line]


Dear [Name],

My fundraising page has wrapped, but the impact of your contribution will continue! I am very grateful for the support you have shown for disAbility Connections.


With your support, I have raised $towards residential ramps. I encourage you to follow disAbility Connections on Facebook and Instagram and sign-up receiver their monthly newsletter to stay up to date on their work.

Thank you again for your generosity.



Pro Tip - Don’t underestimate the power of an old-fashioned handwritten card! It only takes a few minutes to do and can make an incredible impact on those you send it to.

Ramp It Up Logo:  Wheelie racing up incline over Ramp It Up text
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